How much does having your ears peirced hurt on a scale of 1-100?

Answer It feels like a slight sting, just for a second, and then the studs/hoops are in.You don't have to worry, sweetie. There really isn't any pain. If it is done by a professional person, they will exp... Read More »

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Swollen newly peirced ears?

You're probably allergic to the silver studs. Silver is not completely clean when placed against an open wound. Until the ear heals, you should use gold or surgical steel. The person who did the... Read More »

My 4 year old wants her ears peirced, which is better hollow needle, or the gun?

i was not allowed to perce my ears till i was 12 and i hated my step mom for it. i wanted them when i was 5 why was i the only kindergarnder with out cool earings ...even worse why was i the only 5... Read More »

Does it hurt to get your nipples peirced?

Does it Hurt to get ur belly butten peirced and should i do it?

They're shoving a needle through your skin, of course it hurts.