How much does hair grow in a year?

Answer On average, a person's hair grows at a rate of half an inch every month. This makes the yearly average approximately six inches annually. Not all hair grows at the same rate, and several factors su... Read More »

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13 year old - How to grow my hair.?

hi! I'm 13 and i had the Exact same problem! Your hair is supposed to grow a half of an inch every month. Well! There is this shampoo that came out, meant for horses and humans. It is called " Mane... Read More »

How to Grow Natural Hair in the First Year?

When you first transition from permed to natural hair, it can be a challenge. During the first year you are wearing your hair natural, you may wonder about what type of products you will use, and w... Read More »

How Long Does Hair Grow in a Year?

While hair growth can vary from person to person, the average amount of hair growth experienced in one year is around 6 inches. That translates to 1/2 an inch per month. Genetics, overall health, n... Read More »

How fast does hair grow per year?

Hair grows at approximately one-half inch per month or 6 inches in a year. As a person ages, hair growth usually slows, sometimes to as little as 0.1 inches per month. A healthy diet adequate in ir... Read More »