How much does hair grow in a week?

Answer On average, hair grows about 0.115 inches a week. Nevertheless, many people, such as children and balding men, have entirely different hair growth rates ranging from 0.015 inches a month to 0.215 i... Read More »

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How much does hair grow in one week?

On average, a person's hair grows about 0.115 inches a month. However, this statistic varies greatly; some people will grow 0.015 inches a week and others may grow up to 0.215 inches per week.Sourc... Read More »

Could your hair grow 2 inches in a week?

Cleveland 09/05/12I would like to believe - No,.?! that would be one sixth of one foot,.!Two weeks,.may not be realized,.There be some hair types and, breeds that cangrow hair in marked time,.Maybe... Read More »

How to grow 2 inches of hair each week ?

lol i wish ! there are ways you can help speed up the growth of hair though . eating foods with lots of protein like eggs, steak, peanuts , etc . also , massaging your scalp stimulates your hair fo... Read More »

What do i do to make my hair grow 4 inches in one week?

Hair usually only grows about a half inch every six months, so that much growth is impossible. However, if you wash your hair every other day, keep it loosely tied back, sleep on a satin pillowcase... Read More »