How much does goat's milk cost?

Answer According to The Goat Source, goat milk can range in price from $3.50 a gallon for a pasteurized, frozen version that is meant for livestock only to $3.50 a quart for the pasteurized version availa... Read More »

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When do goats produce milk?

When a doe gives birth, her body begins producing milk for her kids, a process called freshening. If the doe is a milking breed, she may give more milk than her kids need and continue to produce m... Read More »

Can you milk Angora goats?

Angora goats are known for producing fiber but not for their milk. Angora goats are not capable of producing enough milk for human consumption. Dairy-bred goats make better choices for providing mi... Read More »

Is Goats Milk Hypoallergenic?

Nutritionists and physicians frequently recommend goat's milk as a hypoallergenic, easily digestible alternative to cow's milk. While allergies to goat's milk are possible, it may be a safer altern... Read More »

Organic Milk Replacement for Goats?

If you are raising dairy goats and want to get milk from them, you need a doe (female) goat that is about to or has recently given birth to a kid. The drawback to getting a gallon or so per day of ... Read More »