How much does freezing your umbilical cord cost?

Answer Future Health Technologies (Britain's largest private family cord blood stem cell bank) currently (November 2009) charges £1,395 for its standard cord blood collection and storage service.This inc... Read More »

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How much of the umbilical cord gets cut off at birth?

During prenatal development in mammals, the umbilical cord connects the fetus to the placenta. In humans, the umbilical cord, or birth cord, is about 20 inches long, and is generally clamped and cu... Read More »

How much does umbilical hernia surgery cost?

About £2000 Laparoscopic surgery - about 1500$ Open surgery - about 1000$ in India In some counties, medical surgeries are free, in the UK for example, on the National Health Service.

Where does the umbilical cord go after its cut?

Along with the placenta that it's attached to it's thrown away as human waste. The tiny bit attached to the baby where the scar will be the bellybutton, will soon shrivel up and fall off.

When does the fetus attach to the umbilical cord?

The embryo has attached to the newly formed umbilical cord by the end of the fifth week of gestation. While the umbilical cord is very primitive at this time, it will continue to grow until it is f... Read More »