How much does firefighting equipment weigh?

Answer While the weight of firefighting equipment varies depending on the brand, on average it weighs around 50 lbs. This does not include the weight of the firefighter's uniform, which weighs around 25 l... Read More »

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What is the most important firefighting equipment?

Perhaps the most important firefighting equipment is water and the hose that delivers it to the fire. Advancements in this technology have helped firefighters better combat fires. In regard to safe... Read More »

Requirements of Firefighting & Damage Control Equipment for Navy Ships?

A fire on a ship at sea can be disastrous. There is no fire department to call or other emergency personnel to respond and assist. Sailors must rely on their equipment, training and each other to e... Read More »

Illinois Firefighting Grants?

Several grant programs exist to provide funding for Illinois fire departments. Illinois fire departments can apply for grants to receive firefighting equipment, training, personnel and fire prevent... Read More »

Marine Firefighting Training?

Once through initial training, members of the U.S. Marine Corps have a vast array of professional courses to choose from within the corps. Firefighting and rescue are one of these vital and challen... Read More »