How much does fiberglass insulation cost?

Answer Fiberglass insulation costs between $8 and $10, depending on the brand, the size and where you buy it. In that price range, it is available in rolls between 30 square feet and 40 square feet.Source... Read More »

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How much does rolled fiberglass insulation cost?

As of May, 2010, the average price for a standard 15 foot roll of fiberglass insulation is around $25. This median price applies to most types of rolled fiberglass products, including faced and unf... Read More »

How much does fiberglass insulation weigh?

Fiberglass insulation is very light, but its exact weight depends on its R-value, or insulation ability. A higher R-value indicates a higher ability to insulate. Fiberglass insulation with an R-val... Read More »

How much does r 25 insulation cost?

Insulation with an r-value of 25 costs approximately 66 cents per square foot, or $22 for a 15-by-25-foot roll. The Energy Star program recommends using insulation with an r-value of at least 25 wh... Read More »

How much does tripolymer insulation cost?

According to RetroFit Insulation, tripolymer insulation, also known as tripolymer foam insulation and RetroFit foam, provides the highest R-value, which refers to the rating of efficiency for insul... Read More »