How much does epic mickey cost?

Answer On Amazon it can cost 39.99. I got it for Christmas and it is AWESOME!

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How to Get Rid of a Hopper in "Epic Mickey"?

In "Epic Mickey," a hopper is one of the more advanced enemies you will meet as you travel through the Wasteland. The first hopper appears after you complete the Mickeyjunk Mountain section of the ... Read More »

How to Use Paintbrush With Epic Mickey?

The paintbrush is the main tool used by Mickey Mouse in Disney's "Epic Mickey." You play as Mickey Mouse himself, and you have been swept away into a cartoon wasteland. Use your paintbrush to wield... Read More »

How to Get the Red Chest in the Jungle Boat on "Epic Mickey"?

The red treasure chest on the jungle boat in the Wii adventure game "Epic Mickey" is guarded by a lovesick pirate named Damien Salt, who'll ask you to help win the heart of the nearby Henrietta. If... Read More »

How to Get the Red Collar in Tomorrow City on Epic Mickey?

Horace Horsecollar, one of the original Disney cartoon characters, makes an appearance in "Epic Mickey" for the Nintendo Wii. The old character is the owner of a detective agency inside Tomorrow Ci... Read More »