How much does egg donation cost?

Answer Egg donors do not pay any fees to donate eggs. The individual or couple receiving the egg typically compensates the donor with up to $5,000 and will pay a maximum of $20,000 to the clinic.Source:Am... Read More »

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Can just anyone get sperm donation and how much does it cost?

i would like to say that while i do think it's best for the child to have two parents, that's only provided those two people create a good family environment for the children. i am not inclined to ... Read More »

Donation Tax Law?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows deductions for donations of cash or property to recognized charitable organizations. The deduction is allowed if a charity is registered with the IRS as a ... Read More »

What are your thoughts on Egg donation?

I think that it is a wonderful gift that you can give an infertile couple. Make sure that you learn everything about the process before you go forward. It takes a real commitment of your time and i... Read More »

How to Know When Not to Give a Donation?

Hey, ever been tricked into giving money to homeless people and others? Being cautious in the situations is hard when you do not know if you are getting scammed or not.