How much does drug treatment cost?

Answer The National Substance Abuse Treatment Services Survey estimates that as of April 2010, inpatient drug rehabilitation centers cost an average of $7,000 monthly. However, outpatient drug centers cha... Read More »

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How much does aromatherapy treatment cost?

Aromatherapy treatment can be expensive. According to the site My Aromatherapy, "The cost of a total aromatherapy treatment can be several hundred dollars a year." The Aromatherapy Handbook suggest... Read More »

How much does Suboxone treatment cost?

The cost of Suboxone is determined by the pharmaceutical company, retail pharmacy and health insurance plan, but generally ranges from $100 to $199. Overall treatment includes physician and laborat... Read More »

How much does kidney dialysis treatment cost?

Kidney dialysis treatment, used to treat end-stage renal disease, cost between $4,341 and $9,760 per month for each individual treated in 2007. These costs vary based on the frequency of dialysis n... Read More »

How much does lung cancer treatment cost?

The cost of lung cancer treatment depends on the type of lung cancer (small cell lung cancer "SCLC" or non-small-cell lung cancer "NSCLC"); the grade/stage of the cancer; treatment methods and dura... Read More »