How much does drug treatment cost?

Answer The National Substance Abuse Treatment Services Survey estimates that as of April 2010, inpatient drug rehabilitation centers cost an average of $7,000 monthly. However, outpatient drug centers cha... Read More »

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What is a pocket sign in drug treatment?

The Sign Language Translator is a pocket-sized device that translates text into sign language. This device, made by Krown Manufacturing, Inc., can be helpful for people going through drug treatment... Read More »

Why is the treatment for ADHD a stimulant drug?

ADHD is caused by a 'deficit' in the 'attention' span of a person. What the stimulant (like amphetamine) does is to stimulate the brain and thereby increase its attention span. That is the reason w... Read More »

Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that in 2007, 20.8 million American individuals ages 12 and older required drug or alcohol treatment but did not receive it. Drug and alcohol trea... Read More »

Drug Treatment for High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol results from a high-fat diet, lack of exercise, excessive weight and/or genetics. Patients with high cholesterol may benefit from cholesterol-lowering drugs in combination with a h... Read More »