How much does drinking have effect on my running?

Answer Agree with TexHabs. Probably the biggest factor at your age related to overall performance is the effect drinking has on your sleep cycle. If you are fatigued, you aren't at top performance. Drinki... Read More »

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What is the effect of drinking carbonated water?

Bubbly carbonated water is a popular alternative to still drinking water. Some people drink carbonated water for the health benefits, as sparkling water has been shown to lower bad cholesterol leve... Read More »

Does drinking milk and alcohol together really have a bad effect?

milk is protein and water, alcohol is ethanol and water; drinking them does not have a bad effect as the most ethanol might do is denature some protein in milk, since the protein is broken down in ... Read More »

I'm running out of excuses for drinking heavily, does anyone have any I can use?

I love it!!! Great question! LOL Most of the answers are funny, thanks for the laugh guys. As for the rest of the people that are WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to serious..... loosen up!!! Do you really think som... Read More »

Will drinking alcohol effect the growth of the baby?

Answeryes it could also cause many other defects such as mentality, behavior, and emotional problems as the child gets older. if you have a drink once in awhile there should not be a problem.but co... Read More »