How much does doing pull ups and chin ups affect your grip strenght?

Answer beyond 15 will surely affect grip strength

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How much do pull ups and chin ups work your grip strength?

Depends largely on how heavy you are. They are both very good though. Deadlifts too.

What can you do about chin hair when you pull them out your chin get discolour?

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Your daughter broke her jaw has a scar on her chin and some muscle damage on her chin the auto accident is paying for pain and suffering how much should you expect She also had braces on at the time?

You should expect around about $40,000, cost, and $50,000 compansation

How a Railway engine gets grip enough to pull a heavy train?

The flange on the wheel has nothing to do with getting grip. It's purely down to massive weight going through a tiny contact patch. While metal can slide against metal quite easily, it is very hard... Read More »