How much does diesel fuel weigh?

Answer Diesel fuel weight averages about 7.1 pounds per U.S. gallon. "Diesel" is named for the compression engineer--the German, Rudolf Diesel--who patented the diesel engine in 1897.Source:Diesel Fuel Di... Read More »

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Does a nozzle for diesel fuel fit into a non-diesel fuel tank?

A diesel nozzle is larger than a regular gasoline nozzle. For this reason, the diesel nozzle will not fit into the gasoline tank. On the other hand, most diesel fuel pumps are green, so drivers wit... Read More »

How much diesel fuel is made in the USA?

The United States had 141 active and nine inactive diesel refineries in 2009. The active refineries, together, have the capacity to produce 17,313,550 barrels of diesel per day. Yearly production c... Read More »

How much oil do you add to kerosene to make diesel fuel?

There aren't set ratios for biodiesel. One part kerosene to four parts vegetable oil is a relatively reliable mix, but a 1:9 ratio may work if the ambient temperature is high enough. You might need... Read More »

Why is diesel fuel so much higher than regular gas?

Diesel fuel was once much cheaper than regular gasoline, but in recent years it costs as much as $2 per gallon more than regular gasoline. Many factors contribute to rising prices, none so much as ... Read More »