How much do colored contacts cost?

Answer circle lens is very popular in asia because it makes your eyes bigger with more variety of colors, is soft lens,just 30-something to 40 for 1year compared to american brands like accuvue, freshlook... Read More »

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How much more does colored contacts cost than regular ones?

Firstly you'd have to have a new fitting as accuvue don't do coloured lenses so you'd need a new brand. It depends on your perscription what that would cost. Typcially coloured lenses can't be worn... Read More »

Do colored contacts cost more than regular ones?

I just got some green contacts from a Sonoco gas station! :) They were only $20.00 and they look like prescription.I'm pretty sure they will have grey and they're very cheap.If you don't want them,... Read More »

How much do non prescription colored contacts cost?

Contacts are regulated by the FDA and require a prescription for you to purchase them legally (same concept as prescription drugs). There is no such thing as non-prescription color contact lenses ... Read More »

What colored contacts should I get?