How much does chin reduction surgery cost?

Answer The average cost for chin reduction surgery can range anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. The discrepancies in cost depend on the complexity of the procedure, the reputation of your surgeon and yo... Read More »

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How to Have Scalp Reduction Surgery?

Scalp reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can be used to remove balding areas of skin and reduce the total area of the scalp that needs hair replacement. This procedure can only... Read More »

What Is The Cutoff Age For Penile Reduction Surgery?

Like 80? Or any age where you are not healthy enough for surgery. Basically they can do it at any age. There is no cut off point. But you might want to wait if you're still pretty young (say under ... Read More »

Is there such a thing as a penile reduction surgery?

Well since I have seen babies been born I think you may be putting it in the wrong/right hole. If this is wrong then tell her that since there is extra you need to bring another chick to share with.

As a man with B cup breasts, should I get risky breast reduction surgery?

i would say no ....DONT risky surgery is not the way to go. your wife loves u the way u are and doesnt want surgery so dont worry. just workout more healthy eating relax loads of men have them and... Read More »