How much does chain link fence cost per foot?

Answer Chain link fencing costs approximately $1.78 per square foot, based on price comparisons of nationally known hardware chains. Heavy-gauge wire will cost more than standard chain link fencing. Addit... Read More »

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How much would it cost to build a chain link fence 100 ft?

Call a local fence builder or contractor and ask. This is called getting an estimate or a job quote.To find one just go to Google and type in your zip code and the words fence builder or fence comp... Read More »

How do I calculate the cost of chain fence by the foot?

Sum Individual CostsAdd together the amount spent for each of the elements of the chain fence. This includes the fencing itself, fence posts, concrete, gates and tools. Also add labor costs if you ... Read More »

How do I attach a wood fence to a chain link fence?

Attach With Standard Fence ComponentsAttach a chain link fence to a wooden fence by attaching the chain link fence to one of the wooden fence posts. Use a round or a square wooden fence post. The p... Read More »

How much should it cost to install 90 feet of chain link fencing?

Beats me. Call a fence place and ask them for a quote. They may charge you a minimum price if the job is too small.It's easy enough to do, so if you do it yourself it won't cost you anything.