How much does cake frosting cost at albertsons ?

Answer The Albertsons in California sell their cake frosting for $2.99 a pound. They have both buttercream and a whipped topping. I would not buy either....I prefer to make my own.A pound of icing will ... Read More »

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How much potassium is in sugar free cake mixes and frosting?

you must read the nutrition panels on these products. potassium is normally found in red meats and dark green leafy veggies.there is no such thing as truly "sugar free" cake mix or frosting mix!! a... Read More »

How much does a bottle of UV cake cost and four loco ?

uv cost under 15 dollars and four loco cost about 3 dollars

Can I freeze a cake with homemade frosting?

It is better to freeze unfrosted cakes because frosting can become watery as it thaws. However, some homemade, frosted cakes can be frozen. Heavy frostings, such as cream cheese frostings, freeze a... Read More »

What frosting should top my vegan cake?

Here are some ideas and variations from the vegan chef.1/2 cup soy margarine, softened1/4 cup soy milk, rice milk, or other non-dairy milk of choice3 cups Veganized Powdered Sugar1 1/2 t. vanillaUs... Read More »