How much does birth hurt?

Answer alot

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How much does child-birth hurt.....?

Much worse than that I hate to say and I've burned myself quite badly a few times over the years (I once dropped a roasting tin full of sizzling hot fat and potatoes over my arm)Childbirth is way w... Read More »

How bad does it hurt to give birth?

it really hurts.when the baby comes out it stings.the most part when it hurts is when the head and shoulders come out.the arms,legs,tummy,and the toes come out it does not hurt that much.i gave bir... Read More »

Why does child birth hurt?

Childbirth requires a woman for force a rather large baby out of her body, the pain is caused by the tearing of muscles and tendons.Men should not answer questions regarding childbirth.The pain sta... Read More »

Does it hurt giving birth?

Yes! But there are options available to help anesthetize the mother during labor and the delivery. Talk with your OB about the options available for you and make sure you know the pros and cons of ... Read More »