How much does basic cable cost with Time Warner?

Answer The most basic cable package Time Warner offers for digital cable costs $34.95 a month for the first 12 months in most areas, as of 2009. This basic cable package includes more than 200 channels an... Read More »

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Can I use a DVR with Time Warner basic cable?

While Time Warner sometimes requires you to upgrade your cable service to use the DVR that they supply, you can always hook up an independent DVR service, such as TiVo that will work with any digit... Read More »

What channel is ESPN on basic time warner cable?

ESPN Fantasy does have free membership. It is a site where you can create, play, and trade out players in a fantasy sort of world. It is a fantasy world where people get to continue their football ... Read More »

Is the Weather Channel part of basic Time Warner Cable?

The Weather Channel is not included under the Basic Time Warner Cable package. The Weather Channel is included with the next least expensive bundle, the Standard service package, as well as the DT... Read More »

What's up with Time Warner Cable?

honestly I didn't read anything you wrote. I just seen cable and I am in the market for new cable...I am quite picky about my provider, they need to provide service, and they also need to employ a... Read More »