How much does an ipod video cost?

Answer They are now known as iPod Classic's, and cost $249.00 (American).

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How much does a new 80GB iPod video player cost?

Apple no longer makes the 80GB iPod. Used models are available at for about $350. The closest size is the 64GB iPod Touch, which costs $399 (as of late 2009) 80GB iPod... Read More »

How much does the new small Ipod nano video cost?

The cost starts at 149 dollars. I don't know what the "start" means.

How much does a ipod 4 cost?

prices vary from one retailer to the other but the price range is between $250-$420 depending on the storage size (8gb,32gb,64gb)

How much does an iPod cost?

In 2009, the following are the typical iPod types and prices: iPod Shuffle with 8 GB is $79, stainless steel iPod Shuffle with 8 GB is $99, iPod Nano with 8GB is $149, iPod Classic with 16 GB is $2... Read More »