How much does an indoor pool cost?

Answer The cost of an indoor pool depends upon the size of the pool, the location in the building where the pool will be built and other rooms that are in the building. Additional expenses include heating... Read More »

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How much does does it cost to build an indoor Olympic size swimming pool?

Answer You will need to take into consideration the cost of dehumidification that is required for your project.You do realize that an Olympic pool measures 50 meters or 164 feet !!! Do you have a b... Read More »

What are the costs involved advantages and disadvangtages in converting an outdoor inground pool into an indoor pool?

AnswerIt will cost you the shelter weather it be a permanent or a removable,It will vary on where you live desert or Alaska

How much will it cost to make an indoor garden and indoor pond?

Well a huge part of your question is how much the matierals are that you want to use. Some plants can be really reasonable and others can be expensive. What kind of fish you use will also made a di... Read More »

Are pool covers necessary for an indoor pool?

%DETAILS%AnswerPool covers should be put on indoor pools, because if something harmful to swim in (such as cleaning liquid) gets in the pool if it's not covered, it could ruin the pool water. Answ... Read More »

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