How much does an iPod cost?

Answer In 2009, the following are the typical iPod types and prices: iPod Shuffle with 8 GB is $79, stainless steel iPod Shuffle with 8 GB is $99, iPod Nano with 8GB is $149, iPod Classic with 16 GB is $2... Read More »

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How much does an iPod cost at Best Buy?

The price for an iPod depends on its features and storage capacity. As of October 2009, the price of an iPod ranges from $59.99 for the 2GB iPod Shuffle to $379.99 for the 64GB iPod Touch.Source:Be... Read More »

How much does a ipod 4 cost?

prices vary from one retailer to the other but the price range is between $250-$420 depending on the storage size (8gb,32gb,64gb)

How much does an iPod 32G cost?

The iPod Touch--the only iPod to be available in a 32GB model--has a retail price of $299 as of May 2010, according to the Apple website. The price includes the iPod Touch itself, the dock connecto... Read More »

How much does iPod Shuffle cost?

The iPod Shuffle comes in two price ranges depending on the size of the storage space. The 2GB iPod shuffle costs $59 dollars and the 4GB iPod Shuffle costs $79, according to Apple iPod's official ... Read More »