How much does an iPod battery cost?

Answer you cant just buy a battery you gotta buy a new ipod

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Does filling then draining your iPod Touch battery improve battery life?

There is no proof that filling and then draining your iPod Touch battery improves battery life. To improve battery life, power your iPod off when not in use, and do not use features that require a ... Read More »

Should I let my ipod battery run out completely or not to optimize the battery?

Hi There,Because lithium ion batteries do not have a memory like some of the older technologies such as NIMH or NICAD, you don't need to worry about damaging the battery by “not charging it corre... Read More »

Can the battery of my ipod break if i charge my Ipod everyday?

There are cases when people charge their Ipod the whole night and placed it beside their bed when they're sleeping. The whole thing just exploded and his finger got burned badly.

What battery does my ipod 20gb 4th generation ipod take?

A fourth generation iPod with a 20gb hard drive is powered by a 3.7 volt lithium ion battery, as opposed to the lithium polymer batteries used to power previous models.References:Apple: iPod classi... Read More »