How much does an iPod Touch cost at Wal-mart?

Answer It cost $227.88 at Walmart. That's for the 32gb. The 8gb. is only $184.99. The 64gb is $399

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How much is an iPod touch 4th gen, 8gb cost at Wal Mart ?

Ok I have no idea what the other guy is talking about but an iPod Touch will cost you around $205 total with tax.

How much does an ipod charger cost at wal-mart?

iPod chargers from Walmart range anywhere from $12.88 for single chargers to $34.88 for AC and car charger combo kits.Source:iPod Charger KitsCharger Kit

How much does an ipod touch cost?

How much does the ipod touch 3G cost?

around $175, it has lowered though and may lower again, because of the new improvements on even newer/better devices.