How much does an eye exam cost at Walmart?

Answer An eye exam at Walmart costs $45 to $50, as of 2009. Other perks that could come with getting an eye exam at Walmart include same-day prescriptions. You can get your contacts or glasses the same da... Read More »

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How much does it normally cost for an eye exam + contact lens exam + the actual contacts?

Contact lens prescription= $120.00 or more.Acuvue Contact lenses = $35.00 per box of six ( 1 box per eye lasts 3 months ).

How muc does a iPad 2 cost a walmart?

Likely you are using Safari or some kind of Dashcode application that runs Safari in the background. The padlock usually means an SSL (secure, encrypted) connection to the Internet.

How much does a ipad 2 cost at walmart?

How much does jergens self tan lotion cost at walmart?

On the online store, it's $7.87 plus tax.