How much does an electric furnace cost?

Answer Electric furnaces are often used in conjunction with geothermal heating in areas where oil or gas furnaces are not available. In 2010, the average cost was between $1,000 and $1,500, with an additi... Read More »

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What is the heating cost of an electric furnace?

The heating cost of an electric furnace is dependent on the type of climate, the square footage, and the cost per kilowatt per hour charged by the electric company. Warmer climates require about 2... Read More »

Is an electric furnace better than gas?

On One Hand: Electric Furnaces are More Performance EfficientElectric furnaces are easier to control and have more equal heat distribution throughout the home. Adjusting heat settings typically req... Read More »

Why is an electric furnace insulated?

Answer Two reasons: One, it increases efficiency by reducing heat loss to the immediate surroundings of the furnace. Two, it keeps you from burning your hands (try cutting off the insulation and to... Read More »

How do I oil the blower on an electric furnace?

AccessRemove the metal panel below or adjacent to the positive (or outward) air duct, which houses the blower and is typically affixed with Phillips or hexagonal-head screws.Blower ComponentsLocate... Read More »