How much does an electric car cost?

Answer There are a variety of electric vehicles and costs vary. A Zap Xebra, intended for city driving with a maximum speed of 40 mph, can be purchased new for $11,700. A one-seat NMG from Myers Motors, w... Read More »

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What cost the most, gas or electric?

leaving any fire un attended is dangerous, besides electricity cost more

What Is the Cost to Fix the Electric Windows in a Car?

If your window won't roll up, you may need to fix your window regulator or your window motor. The regulator is the mechanism that raises and lowers the door window glass; the motor powers the regul... Read More »

Does an electric or a gas stove cost more to use?

Electric stoves typically cost more to operate than gas stoves. For example, if using two burners 10 minutes a day each, gas is about $20 per year cheaper. However, the prices of electricity and co... Read More »

How much do electric heaters cost to run?

The cost to run an electric heater depends on the location and electrical cost. The Nebraska Public Power District estimates that a portable 1500-watt heater costs about 14 cents an hour to run, if... Read More »