How much does an early Fireblade go for nowadays?

Answer Yes go and complain to the seller!Stupid question stupid answer

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Honda 1000 Fireblade Specs?

The CBR1000RR is a sports bike built by Honda, based on Honda racing bikes, that first appeared on the scene in 2004. The bike replaced the 954 cc Fireblade and kept the Fireblade nickname. This la... Read More »

Why do we use a 16:9 ratio for TVs nowadays?

As far as I know - it is based on the GREEK notion of beauty - which is mathematical - and uses PHI the GOLDEN MEAN - 16/9 = 1.7777.... which is very close to PHI (1.618...) - 16 and 9 are integer... Read More »

I'm always tired nowadays...?

Contraceptives can make you feel tired. Its most likely the combination of Yasmin and the TrimethoprimThe way that pills work is that they trick your body into thinking it is pregnant so that you c... Read More »

Why Do They Even Make CD Nowadays?

CD is not only used for Music. It can be used for file storage and other things. Also, it is cheaper than handing out those flash drive for a copy of album music. Not everybody has access to intern... Read More »