What is the average temperature on Mount Everest?

Answer The temperature at the summit of Mount Everest averages around -4 degrees F over the summer and -31 degrees F in wintertime. The wind chill on the mountain during the winter months can reach nearly... Read More »

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How much would it cost to attend Everest Institute?

The Everest Institute has multiple campuses in different states, so the tuition varies based on location. For example, the Everest Institute in Alhambra, California, charged tuition of $14,900 for ... Read More »

How much do those for-profit colleges such as Everest cost in tuition ?

online colleges are a lot more expensive and useless. I attended one and 3 classes before graduation found out they were not accredited and I would have to move to OH to use it.. also no employer w... Read More »

How much does it cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Treks to Mount Kilimanjaro average $1,200 in 2010. The money goes to pay all guides and porters, provide gas for transportation, and cover park fees--$60 per day per person, plus $10 for each porte... Read More »

How to Take off in a Cessna 150 and Climb to Cruising Altitude at Best Rate of Climb?

This article aims to in a few simple steps show you how to take off in a Cessna 150, and climb to a cruising altitude using best rate of climb (Vy). This article in no way replaces the need for les... Read More »