How much does an average cinder block weigh?

Answer Although cinder blocks can vary in size between 4 and 12 inches, the type of cinder block most used in home construction is 4 inches. The average weight of a 4-inch cinder block is between 22 and ... Read More »

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How much does a cinder block weigh?

This article says a typical cinder block weights approximately 26-33 pounds. Based on my recollection, that seems to be correct. I know it's way more than 9 pounds..."The concrete commonly used t... Read More »

How much does a cinder block cost?

about a dollar fifty where i live (florida)

How much weight can a cinder block support?

The American Society for Testing and Materials publishes standard expectations for load-bearing masonry, such as concrete cinder blocks. Different concrete mixes and cinder block molds have differ... Read More »

How much does a 8 in. x 16 in. concrete block weigh?

The 8 inch cored concrete block that measures 8 inches high by 8 inches wide by 16 inches long weighs 37 pounds. The 8 inch single score 8 inch by 8 inch by 16 inch concrete block weighs 37 pounds.... Read More »