How much does an automotive battery cost?

Answer The cost of an automotive battery depends upon how many amperes the battery can provide, the battery voltage and how long the battery warranty lasts.As of April 2010, a six-volt, 660 cold cranking ... Read More »

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How to Tell If an Automotive Battery Is Bad?

A car that does not start immediately or has trouble turning over often makes you suspect the battery is to blame. But maybe the battery seems to function well most of the time. Do a battery test t... Read More »

How to Replace an Automotive Battery?

The battery in your vehicle is not only used to power your radio and other electronics inside the car, it is also a part of the primary ignition system. It provides the initial 12 volts to the igni... Read More »

Automotive Battery Maintenance?

High-performance sports cars, heavy-duty trucks, reliable everyday commuter cars: All can be felled by a faulty battery. Indeed, there are few things less frustrating and disruptive than waking up,... Read More »

How to Use an Automotive Battery Charger?

An automotive battery charger is made to charge a standard lead-acid automotive battery. These are the typical 12 volt types found in virtually every automobile. They all have a positive, or red ba... Read More »