How much does an RN make in Canada?

Answer According to PayScale, registered nurses in Canada start with an annual salary of $40,167 to $56,534 Canadian dollars ($39,915 to $56,180) as of April 2010. At one to four years of experience, they... Read More »

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How much does a paralegal make in Canada?

According to, salaries for a paralegal in Canada vary depending on region. The lowest wage ($10.38 an hour) is earned in and around Montreal, and the highest wage ($29 to $31 an ... Read More »

How much does a dental assistant make in canada?

The pay for a dental assistant in Canada varies on the experience of the worker. A beginning dental assistant will make in a range of $11.67 to $17.85 Canadian Dollars per hour. With more than 20 y... Read More »

How much money does a nurse make in canada?

According to the Canadian Public Service Labour Relations Board, nurses in Canada earned an average hourly wage of $25.90 at the low end and $35.77 at the upper end. Nurses worked an average of 37.... Read More »

How much money does a teacher make in canada?

Teacher salaries in Canada vary widely based on region and experience. For teachers with four years of education, salaries range from $30,341 to $83,428. Teachers with six years of education have s... Read More »