How much does an LPN make annually?

Answer A licensed practical nurse, or LPN, starts out with an annual salary of $27,872 to $39,759 as of April 2010 according to Those with 1 to 4 years of experience get $28,642 to $40,327 w... Read More »

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How much does a psychiatrist make annually?

Psychiatrists made an average wage of $154,050 in 2008, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, averages wages change from city to city and type of business. Those in nursing facil... Read More »

How much does a florist make annually?

As of 2006, the average salary of a florist was $21,700. The salary that florists make depends on where they work. Florists who work in floral shops can earn an average of $21,210. Florists in groc... Read More »

How much does a paralegal make annually?

In 2008, the median annual wage for all paralegals employed in the U.S. was $46,120, with the majority of paralegals earning between $36,080 and $59,310 per year. This is a fast-growing career fiel... Read More »

How much does a nutritionist make annually?

Nutritionists with one to four years of experience average $30,466 to $40,661 a year, according to, as of April 2010. Those with five to nine years in the field earn $31,121 to $46,224... Read More »