How much does an I phone 3g cost without an contract at at and t?

Answer 200 wait no 300 wait no 400 ye 400 or it could be 200 no itsdefiantly 400 with a piece of bubble gumI'm joking its 400

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How much does a you phone 3G cost in US without contract?

How much is the prepaid i phone 3gs cost in American currency no contract 8gig and 32 gig?

The iPhone is not sold as a prepaid device in the US. Without a contract the 8GB iPhone 3Gs is $499.00 and the 32GB iPhone 3Gs is $549.00.

Activating a replacement phone with a "no contract" phone but have "contract" with verizon?

When purchasing on eBay, "no contract" simply means that you need not sign a contract to get this phone at this price. You need only beware if it says "prepaid" as those can not be activated on con... Read More »

If I buy new iphone 4 without contract just phone orpayasyougo if i put my vodafone contract sim will it work also I heard there might be limit on web browsing will it effect my unlimited web sim card?

Gosh man it came out alreadyThe iPhone 4 came out on AT&T summer of 2010. Verizon's iPhone 4 has a few small changes from AT&T abd that will come out 2-10-11 If you meant the iPhone 5, that shoul... Read More »