How much does a wii remote cost?

Answer The main Wii remote controller retails for $39.99, as of 2009, but you can find it for less at discount stores, online stores or auction sites. The Wii Nunchuk controller that attaches to the main ... Read More »

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How much does the wii classic remote cost?

Well, this is a good question, but there are different types. First, there are the black ones. They are very fast, but come surprisingly cheap, for about 50 cents. Then there's the white ones, very... Read More »

How much dose the directv remote cost?

How much does it cost to have a remote start system installed?

A typical vehicle remote start installation costs between $100 and $200 depending on the vehicle type and previously installed options. These prices could increase by an additional $5 to $150 for a... Read More »

How do you program Radio Shack Low-Cost 3-in-1 Remote?

I had the first remote control vcr,and I bought in 1981.It had cost around $1200+ dollars that my grandad said that I would be carrying it on my back trying to sell it for food whenever times got t... Read More »