How much does a web page cost?

Answer It depends on many things. I created one for one of my mothers clients and made $3000 but it was a large car dealership. But then again iv created small websites for $500. You charge a fee, you don... Read More »

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Facebook page help cost?

I've created a fan page for my favourite band and it doesn't cost. The best way to get people to "like" is to post on other pages so people will see your page. Then those people's friend will see t... Read More »

How much does it cost to build a web page?

The cost to build a web page varies with different companies. For example, Network Solutions is a company with which you can sign up for a domain name, host and build your own web page for $6.97 a ... Read More »

Cost Per Page With an Inkjet Vs. a Laserjet?

The cost per page of inkjet and laserjet printing depends on a variety of factors such as the initial cost of the printer, the type of ink cartridge used, maintenance costs and how long it takes to... Read More »

How to To Write a 10 Page Essay on Economic Cost of Shoplifting?

Writing huge essays are not easy. It requires lots of planing and research.