How much does a visa cost?

Answer The amount a visa costs depends on your citizenship, the country you are visiting, the type of visa and the length of the visa. Travelers should check with the embassy or consulate of the country t... Read More »

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What is the cost of a visa from Zambia to the UK?

The visa fees will depend on what type o visa you are applying for. As of May 2010, a short-term visitor's visa from Zambia to the UK costs 68 GBP. A long-term visitor's visa (up to two years) cos... Read More »

How much does a fiancee visa cost?

As of June 2010 the cost to process the fiancee visa forms totaled $1,815. Fees are charged for filing: an Alien Fiancee Petition, Form I-129F (as of June 2010, $455), DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa App... Read More »

How much does a visitor's visa to the U.S.A. cost?

Effective June 4, 2010, United States business and tourist visas, also known as B1 and B2 visitor visas respectively, have a non-refundable $140 application fee. When granted, an additional visa is... Read More »

What is the cost of a Vietnam visa?

For people traveling to Vietnam, the Vietnamese government offers several different visitors' visas for people entering the country for purposes of tourism. A single-entry visa costs $30, a multipl... Read More »