How much does a veterinarian assistant make in Merced, California?

Answer A veterinary assistant in Merced, California typically earns between $22,514 and $33,705 as of March 2010, according to The median salary for a veterinarian assistant in California ove... Read More »

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What do I need to become a veterinarian assistant?

Veterinarian assistants use various skills to work with veterinarians and veterinarian technicians to provide medical care and support to animals. Depending on the practice or work location, certai... Read More »

What is a veterinarian's assistant?

Veterinarian assistants are a key part of the medical team. They assist with numerous tasks associated with animal care and office management. They also work closely with animal owners and other pr... Read More »

What are some qualifications for being a veterinarian assistant?

Higher education may not be a prerequisite for becoming a veterinary assistant, but certain qualifications are necessary if a person wants to perform this demanding job at a high level.Identificati... Read More »

Veterinarian Assistant Schools?

Veterinarian assistants provide basic care tasks for animals at veterinary clinics and hospitals. They assist veterinarians and technicians in performing exams and procedures to improve a pet's he... Read More »