How much does the Xbox 360 Pro cost?

Answer The Xbox 360 Pro, also known as Xbox 360 Premium, debuted in 2005 and was originally sold for $349. In 2009, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 Pro would be discontinued, and would retail for $2... Read More »

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How much does a memory card for an Xbox 360 cost?

Xbox 360 memory cards range in price from a low of $23 to $30 for 512MB, to $43 to $50 for 4GB (2009 prices), although pricing fluctuates depending upon the retailer and discounts offered. Third-pa... Read More »

How much does a used upright piano cost?

Prices for a used upright piano can vary by tens of thousands of dollars. For example, in November 2009, the least expensive used upright piano on Ebay was $50 and the most expensive one was $31,45... Read More »

How much does it cost to install a used automatic transmission?

There is not a set price across the board for this; however, a used automatic transmission will cost up to $500. The listed time for replacement is 7.2 hours. Labor costs run around $70/hr. That wo... Read More »

How much does the type of telescopes used by NASA cost?

Answer They use many types of telescopes. You can probably pick up the cheaper ones for as little as $25,000. The Hubble Space Telescope cost $1,500,000,000 ($1.5 billion) just to build.