How much does a tv cable line cost?

Answer The cost of a TV coaxial cable or cable line differs depending on the length and quality of the cable. You can get a cable line at Walmart anywhere from $5 to almost $60.Source:Walmart

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Cable tv experts: how do you TEST those CABLE LINE SPLITTERS, the ones that split the cable to go to 2 tvs?

There is a 3.5 DBmv loss going through a two-way splitter. NOT 6. On a 3-way splitter, there is a loss of 3.5 dbmv on one port with a 7dbmv attenuation on the other two ports. The 3.5dbmv loss is... Read More »

Broadband cable- will it support more than one cable modern per line?

If you are talking about hooking up to a computer, the cable co will tell you that you need one for each computer, but this is a lie. Just split the cable after it comes out of the cable modem and... Read More »

Can you put two cable modems on the same line?

Yes, two cable modems can be on the same line. As long as both cable modems are compatible with each other and with the line on which you intend to place them and there is enough capacity for both ... Read More »

Can a bad cable line short out electrical devices?

It definitely sounds like there is voltage on the cable beyond the normal cable signal.Do not connect anything up to it until the cable company checks it out thoroughly.The cable is not fiber where... Read More »