How much does a tv cable line cost?

Answer The cost of a TV coaxial cable or cable line differs depending on the length and quality of the cable. You can get a cable line at Walmart anywhere from $5 to almost $60.Source:Walmart

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How much does cable TV cost?

According to, consumers paid an average of $71 a month for cable TV service in 2009. The cost varies depending on features, packages and discounts. Some features include movie channe... Read More »

How much does a t1 line cost?

The price of a T1 line ranges from around $500 to $800 as of 2009. T1's typically provide a connection of 1.5 Mbps. The advantage of a T1 is that you have the same amount of bandwidth for uploads ... Read More »

How much does basic cable cost?

Basic cable rates vary by provider. As of March 2010, Comcast's rates are as low as $44.99 monthly for a basic package. Time Warner's services differ based on location. As of March 2010, basic cabl... Read More »

How much does the hdmi cable cost?

HDMI cables vary in price from $8 to several hundred dollars (£5 - £100s). For short cable lengths, low cost cables are perfectly adequate. As the cable length gets longer, the cable quality need... Read More »