How much does a three inch nail cost?

Answer not much, expansion bolts can be found in the north-west aisle, bottom shelf near the back of the store.

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How do I remove a 6 inch nail from my skull?

Don't remove it. Become a fairground attraction and charge people stupid money to throw hoops over it. This will also help you earn money for ME or was that YOU?I am just thinking of all the bene... Read More »

How well hung will my junk be if I nail it in the stud with a 10 inch brad?

Damn! I thought you were looking for something to BANG in your den.....*cries*

Is it necessary to get a tetanus shot if you step on a rusty nail that only punctured maybe a 1/16 of an inch?

YES!!! You never know what was on that nail...and it isn't worth risking. It's a quick needle and it's over with...better than losing your foot!

Which TV should I get - 32-inch Sony (KDL32SL130), 37-inch Toshiba (37HL67) or 42-inch Phillips (42TA648BX)?

GET THE PHILIPS 42" it's a steal for that price and it's $200 off so it's $999.99it's 1080p , the contrast ratio is very good and pretty good response time buy it it's very cheap for that kind of t... Read More »