How much does a three inch nail cost?

Answer not much, expansion bolts can be found in the north-west aisle, bottom shelf near the back of the store.

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Will two 1.5-inch PVC pipes into a 2-inch PVC pipe flow as much water as 2-inch PVC into your pool pump and what would be the max gpm the pump could draw and would you need three 1.5-inch pipes?

Answer I'm no pool expert but I can do the basic maths. I'd presume the limiting factor on how much water will pass through a pipe is its cross sectional area, and that these are circular pipes. If... Read More »

How much does a 60 inch HDTV cost?

There are lots of different models which range in quality, check out,, and to see some prices.

How much does a Sony 52 inch TV cost?

That really depends on where you buy it. A swap meet will give you the best deal, but it may be a stolen item.

How much does a 15 inch plasma screen tv cost?

There are no 15-inch plasma screens on the market. The plasma screen market is now limited to very large scale screens (50" +).