How much does a temp agency charge for a conversion?

Answer When an employer chooses to permanently hire a temporary employee, the temporary agency charges a conversion fee. Typically, this fee is two to three percent of the temporary employee's projected a... Read More »

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How much do temp services charge companies?

Temp services charge up to 50 percent of the hourly rate per employed person. The company will offer a per hour fee, the staffing agency takes their fee, the employee gets the rest. Some staffing a... Read More »

Does Working for a Temp Agency Hurt Your Unemployment Claim?

When unemployed, there are two things going through most people's minds who want to be employed: dealing with unemployment benefits if applied for, and finding work as quickly as possible to be abl... Read More »

How to Start a Temp Agency?

Starting a temp agency can require a lot of hard work. A temp agency may be able to make you successful as well as help the unemployed find jobs. There is a potential market for temp agencies in an... Read More »

What is a temp agency?

A temp agency is a company that works with businesses and job-seekers to place temporary employees in a business position that will be left open for a period of time. Temp agencies are useful for t... Read More »