How much does a teleprompter cost?

Answer The price of a teleprompter depends on the model, manufacturer and retailer. For example, the manual EZ Prompter sold by SJ Media Systems costs $82.17. The electronic Autoscript ELP15-S runs about... Read More »

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What is a teleprompter?

A teleprompter is an electronic gadget that serves as a cue card for on-air talent, newscasters, speech-makers and others addressing a crowd or video camera.The "I Love Lucy" ConnectionThe original... Read More »

Does the president use a Teleprompter?

Modern presidents tend to use teleprompters for at least some functions, and most presidents in the past used written notes. 2008 presidential winner Barack Obama, on the other hand, is often cited... Read More »

Who invented the teleprompter?

Jess Oppenheimer filed a patent for his idea of a "prompting apparatus for cameras" on April 6, 1953. The idea was patented on March 1, 1960. Oppenheimer was the producer of "I Love Lucy" and used ... Read More »

How to Use a Speech Teleprompter?

Teleprompters are used by newscasters, public officials and others to help them deliver speeches without having to memorize them. The speeches are projected on two clear, plastic panels, one on eit... Read More »