How much does a preschool teacher make a year?

Answer It depends on the type of school they work at and their degree. When I taught in a privately owned pre-school with just an AA/AS degree, I made $9.00/hr. When I was a pre-K teacher in a public sc... Read More »

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How much does a chemistry teacher make a year?

As of April 2010, chemistry teachers employed in school districts saw a median annual salary of $38,884 to $66,129. Teachers who were employed by colleges or universities saw a median annual salary... Read More »

How much does a special ed teacher make a year?

The PayScale Report states that a special education teacher in secondary school begins with an annual salary of $29,739 to $40,257 as of April 2010. At one to four years of experience, they earn $3... Read More »

How much does Michigan pay a year for teacher retirement benefits?

The state of Michigan paid about $3 billion in regular pension benefits to its public school retirees in fiscal 2009. In addition to the regular benefits, Michigan paid $56 million in disability be... Read More »

How much money does a teacher make?

The salary of a teacher depends on the grade level and the area of the country the school is in. Kindergarten teachers' annual salaries ranged from $28,590 to $71,410, in 2006. For elementary schoo... Read More »