How much does a tar and gravel roof cost?

Answer A tar and gravel roof is a flat roof. The cost is based on a roofing square that is 100 feet square. The price will vary according to the price of materials, labor, taxes, and roofer's overhead an... Read More »

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How do I stop magpies pecking among the gravel on a flat roof above my head?

Catch a crow and domesticate it. Problem solved! Except for the fact that it will bring nice gifts in for you to admire.1 new wiper blade1 new small glovebeer openeryes, possibly, even jewelry!If i... Read More »

How much would a ton of pea gravel cost?

For utility gravel, a ton of pea gravel will cost around $35. For decorative gravel, a ton of pea gravel could range from $55 to $80. A ton of pea gravel covers between 80 and 100 square feet at tw... Read More »

How much does pea gravel cost?

Pea gravel is a rounded, decorative landscaping gravel. If you buy it by the ton, it will cost approximately $55 to $85 per ton. Costs will vary depending on the stone included in the gravel. For e... Read More »

How much does driveway gravel cost?

The gravel for a driveway costs $.50 to $2 per square foot. For a 12x50 foot driveway, the total cost can range from $300 to $1,200 and for a quarter-mile driveway, the cost range is $10,000 to $40... Read More »