How much does a surgical technician make in Philadelphia?

Answer The average salary offered in job postings for surgical technicians in Philadelphia in 2009 was $38,000. The average surgical tech already working in Philadelphia made between $39,000 and $47,000. ... Read More »

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How much does a surgical technician make a year?

As of 2009, surgical technicians make a yearly salary starting at $21,558 to $31,866 for less than a year of experience. Surgical technicians with up to nine years of experience make $27,934 to $42... Read More »

How much does a pharmacy technician make in Philadelphia?

According to, in 2009 the average salary for a pharmacy technician working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was $41,000 per year. The salary range depends upon the employer, the techn... Read More »

How much can a surgical technician make starting off?

With no prior experience, a surgical technician typically earns between $12 and $16.85 per hour as of 2009. Surgical technicians working in large medical facilities or urban areas are likely to ear... Read More »

How Much Salary Can a First Year Surgical Technician Make in Texas?

The surgeon isn't the only one working hard in the operating room. Much of the success of the surgery depends on the competence and knowledge of his surgical team, including surgical technicians --... Read More »