How much does a sporting camera cost?

Answer It depends enourmously on what you're after, the Canon ELPH Sport camera is around $100.

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What does RICE stand for in physical or sporting sporting activities?

AnswerRest it Ice it to stop the swelling Compression - bandage it to help prevent swelling Elevation - raise the effected area so that it is higher than the heart, to keep swelling to a minimum... Read More »

How much does a new camera cost now?

it's depend on your choice and functionality you are looking in a new camera.Following are some good SLR cameras, which can cost you around £350-£700 in various range and with various options in ... Read More »

How much does the camera cost?

It really depends on what camera you are talking about.

How much does a digital camera cost in the UK?

Kind of depends how sophisticated you want it to be - and how much memory you want. I have a digital camera I bought from Woolworths the year before it closed - and it cost £50. It's an 8 Mega-pix... Read More »