How much does a small block Chevrolet engine weigh?

Answer A Chevy small block V-8 weighs 535-575 pounds, depending on the year. That weight includes the cast iron intake. Chevrolet does not provide the weight without it, which would be known as the bare b... Read More »

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How much does a small block Chevy engine weigh?

The small block Chevrolet engine has an assembled weight of approximately 575 pounds. This does not take into consideration additional items such as the power steering pump, charging system or air ... Read More »

How much does a small block Chevy weigh?

According to, a Chevy small block weighs 575 lbs. The low weight of a Chevy small block engine is one its most distinct features and remains as a selling point of these engines.So... Read More »

How much does a Big Block Chevy engine weigh?

The Chevrolet Big Block engine weighs between 650 and 700 pounds in factory assembled (long-block) form. Aftermarket bare-blocks (with no subassemblies) can weigh 250 to 280 pounds---slightly heavi... Read More »

Chevrolet Small Block Engine Information?

The Chevrolet small block engine was a revolutionary automobile power plant that has endured for more than 50 years in one version or another. It was designed to deliver maximum power in a sturdy, ... Read More »