How much does a slug weigh?

Answer I have seen slugs in our area (Seattle) that are barely visible (tiny) and others 8" long and as big around as my thumb. So, it can vary greatly. I would not like to have the slime on my postal sca... Read More »

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Slug control?

Sluggo. Not harmful to pets and turns into fertilizer after a few days.

How to kill snail/slug?

Snail/slug pellets is one way, another is to put crushed eggshells around the plants.You cna smear vaseline around the block, and also put a small dish of beer nearby (sounds mad, but they are tot... Read More »

How to Care for a Snail or Slug?

Are you sick of pestering your parents for a dog or cat? Fish not good enough? Well Pet slugs and snails are perfect!

How to Care for a Garden Slug?

Slugs make very good pets because they are interesting and feel nice to touch and hold. They are rewarding to look after.