Could someone please explain how a pack of 12 lemonade cans is cheaper than a pack of 8?

Answer It's a ploy on the manufacturer's part to coerce you into buying the 12-cans pack rather than the 8-can pack.They want to maximise their profit and figure that, while they are making more per can i... Read More »

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Can I still drink this Mike's Hard Lemonade?

Bottled stuff doesn't go bad. It keeps for years. Flavor quality may slide downhill after enough time but with Mike's Hard Lemonade, who could tell? It's one of those products where everything t... Read More »

Is mike's hard cranberry lemonade made with real cranberries?

Lemonade Iced Tea Pink Lemonade Or Water Which would you prefer right now?

In this order:Iced TeaPink LemonadeLemonadeWater

How to Sell Lots of Lemonade at a Lemonade Stand?

Tips on how to sell lemonade. Many kids sell lemonade for money over the summer.